Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cardboard Journal by I Love to Craft

I've made a couple of these, I just love them!

Cardboard Journal

Cardboard Journal Craft Project1. 12x12 piece of thick cardboard
2. 12x12 piece of paper
3. Large flower
4. 12’ of ribbon
5. Any cardstock quote you like
6. At least 10 sheets of blank paper
7. Hole punch
8. Hot glue gun
9. Scissors
1. Glue the 12x12 piece of paper onto the cardboard.
2. Trim off any excess.
3. Fold cardboard in half.
4. Fold the blank sheets of paper in half.
5. Punch a hold through all 10 sheets of paper and through your cardboard.
6. Thread your ribbon through the paper and cardboard and tie on the front with a bow.
7. Take your cardstock quote and glue it on the front of your journal.
8. Finally add your large flower to the front of your journal.

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